Residency & Citizenship by Investment

At SecondPassport we represent some of the largest developers in USA. We take full responsibility for the due diligence of the properties and put great emphasis on the location as well as proximity to schools, transportation and surrounding communities.

We offer to our clients a return on Investment (ROI) of at least 4% and help them in renting out the property for a period of five year or until our investor is being issued with a European passport.

In a dynamic market such as the USA, our portfolio of properties is being updated almost on a daily basis. To be able to offer our investors the best property suitable for their needs, we start by assessing the investor’s profile, requirements and budget and continue by showing a wide variety of properties options to select from.
We invite our investors to visit us on the ground, in USA, any time to be able to appreciate the investment opportunity as well as the beauty of the country, a week notice is required.

SecondPassport Organizes tours that are being done every quarter and formally announced on our website.