Start Up visa

Residency & Citizenship by Investment

Canada is ranked among the best in the world in categories such as quality of life, education level, civil rights, government transparency. It enjoys a multicultural and diverse society rich in history and nature. G8 member, it offers to its residence economic freedom and access North American market, the biggest in the world.

Why Second Passport?

We target early stage Investors and entrepreneurs who are capable of growing and scaling up companies; ground breaking technologies and products that meet real market needs; and addressing large and growing markets.

We constantly growing our pool of foreign investors, who are looking into investment mainly in Canadian start ups, these investors believe in the potential of the North American market and looking into an investment in various fields and niche markets.

Second Passport added value is reflected by active board participation, assistance in strategy, capital raising and syndication with co-investors, introduction to potential customers, assistance in establishing joint venture with strategic Canadian Incubators, Venture capital funds as well as Angel Investors groups.

Why Choose Canada?

Canada is the second largest country in the world by land area, however, this large area is home to a small population of only 37 million people. Despite its size, Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world ranking among the world’s top ten GDPs.

Canada has long been regarded as a family friendly country with numerous social benefits including free healthcare and very low cost, high quality university education for residents and citizens. The Government of Canada is committed to opening it’s borders to welcome thousands of new immigrants to the country each year.

Canada prides itself on its diversity and acceptance of persons from all backgrounds, creeds, classes and races. Persons are allowed and encouraged to practice their culture and lifestyle freely in Canada

The following are some of the country’s benefits:

  • G8 and NAFTA member. Developed economy.
  • One of the best health systems in the world.
  • High quality of life, ranking one of the best in the world.
  • Very low crime rate, very safe to live in.
  • Unspoiled nature with strict environmental controls.
  • Outstanding education system, role model for many countries.
  • One of the most valued passports for international travel.

Why startup program?

The Canada Start Up Visa Program is a Federally backed program first launched by the Canadian Government as a pilot program in 2013. After five years the program has now been given permanent status as of 2018 and is one of the quickest pathways to Canadian Permanent Residency.

The program is backed by technology incubators, angel investors and other organizations designated by the Federal Government as supporters of the program. The aim of the program is to bring skilled entrepreneurs to Canada in order to drive innovation and job creation for Canadians in various sectors of the economy.

Program Benefit

  • Irrevocable Permanent Residency
  • Client can choose to move and settle anywhere in Canada except Quebec.
  • Dependent Children up to 22 years’ old
  • Status in Canada not tied to Start Up Company
  • Fastest way to Permanent Residence in Canada
  • Federally backed program, client not tied to one specific region or province


In order to take advantage of the Start Up Visa program, a client must be properly screened by our consultants to ensure the client meets the eligibility requirements as outlined in the following section. Once we are satisfied that the client is a genuine fit for the program, an engagement contract is prepared to be signed by Visionary Services, its representative law firm in Canada and the client.

Once the process has begun, the client will communicate directly with Visionary Services and its Canadian law firm who will be dedicated to his/her case from start to finish. All client payments are to be made through Visionary Services.

To qualify for the Start-up Program, applicants must comply with the following criteria:

  • One Year Post-Secondary Education
  • At least 3 years of business Experience or Experience in Technology Fields
  • Sufficient Funds to Show Ability to Support Himself and Family in Canada

(We Recommend $100,000 USD per Family)

  • Minimum English Capability of 5 in IELTS Exam in EACH Section – NOT Average Score
  • A Desire to move and start a New Life in Canada with his Immediate Family

Investment Options

New Business

Under this option the investor establishes a new technology start up following the business plan presented to the Canadian Government as part of his Permanent Residency application.  

Citizenship Requirements

Investors and their family members who have lived in Canada for three out of the four years (1,095 days) after being granted with Permanent Residency, have adequate knowledge of English and/or French, have no criminal record, and have acquired knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, as well as an understanding of Canada’s history, values, institutions and symbols are eligible to apply for citizenship.


  • Population Growth: 0.74%

46,200 USD

  • GDP (per capita)
  • GDP (purchasing power parity)
  • 1.674 trillion USD


  • Visa free countries


Northern North America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean on the east, North Pacific Ocean on the west, and the Arctic Ocean on the north, north of the conterminous US






9,984,670 sq. km.


0-14: 15.44%, 15-24: 12.12%, 25-54: 40.32%, 55-64: 13.94%, 65+: 18.18%


English (official): 58.7%, French (official): 22%, Punjabi: 1.4%, Italian: 1.3%, Spanish: 1.3%, German: 1.3%, Cantonese: 1.2%, Tagalog: 1.2%, Arabic: 1.1%, Other: 10.5%


Catholic: 39% (includes Roman Catholic: 38.8%, Other Catholic: 0.2%), Protestant: 20.3% (includes United Church: 6.1%, Anglican: 5%, Baptist: 1.9%, Lutheran: 1.5%, Pentecostal: 1.5%, Presbyterian: 1.4%, Other Protestant: 2.9%), Orthodox: 1.6%, Other Christian: 6.3%, Muslim: 3.2%, Hindu: 1.5%, Sikh: 1.4%, Buddhist: 1.1%, Jewish: 1%, Other: 0.6%, None: 23.9%


Federal parliamentary democracy (Parliament of Canada) under a constitutional monarchy and Commonwealth realm


Canadian dollar (CAD)


1 USD = 1.331 CAD (2014)