Our Philosophy

Our approach is methodical and strategic, always looking to achieve the best outcome for all our clients. As immigration professionals our goal to ensure that our clients acquire their visa as quickly and as easily as possible.

Our approach is proven, robust and methodical. As experienced practitioners, we know the routes and processes that need to be followed in order to achieve a positive outcome. Our guiding principles for achieving this outcome include the following cornerstones of our approach.

Our approach, in three simple steps:


1. Listen

We listen carefully to your financial, lifestyle and family needs from the outset, understanding your longer-term goals, attitude to risk and investment criteria. Once we understand your exact requirements, we will devise a strategy to achieve your goals.

2. Advise

Our Vancouver-based experts will advise you on the most appropriate Business investment in Canada, as well golden visa and investment property. You might be interested in purchasing a property in a certain country and our experts will advise on the best location, depending on your specific preferences.

3. Deliver

Not only do we identify and assist in the acquisition of businesses in Canada or real estate for the golden visas, we work closely with the most experienced lawyers in residency and citizenship in each country to ensure a smooth legal process for our clients.