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As a foreign investor, starting a new business in Canada may raise some concerns as you’re marching to an unknown land as it’s a totally new market you are about to explore.

Establishing and Running a business in Canada opens for the foreign investor an opportunity to explore the North American Market, currently the largest in the world. There is not doubt the Canadian market is welcoming and provide great opportunities for entrepreneurs; This market is relatively easy to target and penetrate with the right guidance and support, our agreement is simple, we help you to establish and you responsible for the outcome of this venture.

To be able to address the need of some of our investors, we established a comprehensive support system in Canada to address the entrepreneur needs, in his first steps in the country, and by that allowing him to grow his new business to the right direction. Please bear in mind that not all of our investors use our support services, it is a question of approach and priorities.    

We assign to each investor an account manager who accompany him during his first six months in the Canada, eventually taking away from entrepreneur any administrative or cultural barriers concerns and by that allowing him to focus where his skill set lays, business development and growth.


(Outside Canada)



(Inside Canada)

Our services


  1. Pick up from airport
  2. Flight Tickets
  3. Reserve accommodation
  4. Rent an apartment
  5. Find his way around town (Tips)
  6. Help in registering children to School


  1. Business advice
  2. Business broker
  3. Business lawyer
  4. Accountant
  5. Real-estate (Rental)
  6. HR- Hiring

**All investors should be aware that the minimum period of support is at least 6 months.
** Your account manager speaks your native language.
** Our list of service can be extended, depending on the Investor’s requirements